AG Precision was established in 1979 and is based in Long Eaton near Nottingham. Our team of highly skilled machinists have over 40 years experience in the manufacture of complex and precision tooling and components for the aerospace, defence, pharmaceutical, automotive, food and manufacturing industries.

In 2020 AG Precision joined the Quill International Group. Quills engineering solutions and products can be found on six of the world’s seven continents in over 30 different countries; Quill holds more than 20 patents worldwide and in excess of 35 registered designs and is a top tier supplier to the aerospace industry.

Quill has developed a range of 3D post processing systems which are sold globally to companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Samsung. Designed and produced one of the world’s most technologically advanced precision dustless blasting systems, which is used to maintain oil ships for British Petroleum, cargo carriers for Maersk and submarines, aircraft carriers and mine sweepers for the Ministry of Defence, as well as offshore rigs and drilling platforms for Shell, Petronas and ConocoPhillips.

Quill has produced crane cabs and arms for Farstad Shipping’s marine training simulators designed to train offshore crane operators around the globe in handling potentially deadly situations. Formulated unique tyre ballast which can withstand temperatures of minus forty five degrees for JCB in Canada and manufactured components for the NATO Euro Fighter.

Quill has manufactured unique biocides that have protected frontline staff from Coronavirus, prevented Norovirus outbreaks for P&O, stopped the spread of Clostridium difficle in the NHS, protected frontline troops in war zones against diarrhoea and vomiting and protected aid workers in Africa from Ebola.

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